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Have you ever thought in a similar way?

2 + 0 = 3 => 3 - 1 ?= 1
2 + 1 = 4 => 4 - 1 ?= 2
2 + 2 = 5 => 5 - 1 ?= 3
2 + 3 = 6 => 6 - 1 ?= 4
At Biocrypt, we claim that all of the above answers are correct.
This is non-standard mathematical thinking.
Thinking that goes beyond accepted standards.
Thinking that is correct mathematically, although it is different.
Biocrypt is a company that operates in the area of applied mathematics,
technical physics, electronics, and information technology.
The idea, objective, or sense of the company’s operation were developed over the years.  This took place at the time of gaining scientific and professional experience.

Dear Customer, do you have a problem to solve?
This is great because for us this is an opportunity to think and act.
At Biocrypt, we develop a theoretical model of a problem.
We conduct scientific research for a specific model.
Then we design a specialized solution.
Either a hardware or a software solution.
We build and test the solution and eventually we implement it.
Our key strengths are thinking and intellectual development.
We do what we are the best at.
We know how to achieve our objectives.
In our case, this means effective and direct actions.
Biocrypt inside” - this is what we are.

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